The perfect top 20 Engagement poses

First the engagement and now with the planning of the wedding in full swing you think about what’s next. Of course, the engagement session!

Not being a model myself, I know that couples either fall naturally into photography worthy poses and some might need a bit more guidance. With relaxing and a guiding hand you can treat the session just like an afternoon date. Fun, laughter and of course quite a few pictures to go home with.

Here are 20 of my favorite poses for engagement sessions!

20 of my top engagement pose ideas. Find inspiration for your upcoming engagement photography session. Easy going to creative poses and locations. 

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1. Facing each other

Starting off can feel different at first as this is your first time in front of the camera but, the best way to start off is just by looking at each other with simply holding hands and facing one another. Talking and even a kiss might come naturally out of this and is a great place to start.

2. Showing off the ring

With just getting engaged why not show off your ring? It is one of the main elements in engagement pictures.

This is a great pose as you can achieve this by either holding hands, pushing your hand out towards the camera, placing it on your fiance’s cheek, chin, or even chest. The main focus is the ring!

3. Classic Portrait

The classic portrait pose is the most common and of course in its name it is a classic. From standing in front of each other or gently leaning back into your finances arm the focus is smiling at the camera. These are the images that I call the “Mom and Dad favorites”. You can’t leave the engagement without a couple of variations of the classic portrait. When in doubt go classic.

4. Far away scenery

Engagement session locations are limitless. From your favorite beach, city skyline, a field or under a large oak tree. What better way to show the setting than to be in the distance and show the full backdrop.

One of my favorite ways to show this is by stepping back and having the background take the full frame of the image while looking at each other or walking.

5. Walking

Let me say that this is one of my favorites! This is one of the classic photos and is super easy. Grab each others hand and begin to walk at a normal slow pace. Smile, talk, laugh, and of course you might be thinking you might trip. Don’t worry. That is where the laughter comes from. From city streets, beaches to park pathways this is a must have.

6. The profile

The profile shot is one of my favorite close up images and is a classic. It allows you to be close with your foreheads or noses touching and often leads to a pretty natural kiss. So it is a win win! This can be a very natural and comfortable position.

Rosemary Beach Engagement Photography - by Krystle Akin - Fine Art Film Wedding Photography

7. Holding hands

There is so much you can do with this one guide. From walking, portraits to candid images you get so much by simply saying. Hold hands.

8. Head on his shoulder

This pose comes naturally as a classic head on shoulder pose. With either being slightly behind or even to his side you can lay your head on his shoulder or chin while looking back at him.

9. With your pet

I have an entire blog post dedicated to bring your pet for the engagement session. Besides having each other usually your pet is your next in line best friend. So why not include them! It really helps to ease into the session with having not all eyes on you both.

10. Action

Just like walking some of the most candid images come from movement. Just like this couple and running in from high tide along the California coast. He picked her up right afterwards so it was a bonus!

11. Forehead kiss

Similar to the profile pose and honestly comes right after that is asking for a forehead kiss. Yes, even those with beards can do this and not only does it have an outcome for a super sweet photo. Lots of time a big laugh erupts afterwards.

12. Sitting down

Sitting down allows you to relax a little and not have to worry about which way to go and what way to face. With sitting side by side, in between his legs or even on his side with your head on his shoulder you get a lot of different options while relaxing for a few.

13. A kiss

A sweet kiss and what I like to call a “kindergarten kiss” will not only show your love for each other but in a way not to squish your noses together. 🙂 Trust me it can happen. With placing your hand on his face it adds even more!

14. Looking back

While either walking or right afterwards a subtle look back over your shoulder changes up the posing for a quick natural glance back.

15. Quick dance

Changing it up and asking for a moment to happen that doesn’t feel forced. Just practice your first dance. It’s just you two alone so why not!

Rosemary Beach Engagement Photography - by Krystle Akin - Fine Art Film Wedding Photography

16. Sunset

Typically engagement sessions are the last few hours of the day and of course what usually happens. An epic sunset! So why not take advantage of it and show the colors of the sky with you two as a silhouette.

17. Non face photo

This one should be the easiest yet! Often times my Brides love to wear a hat and with taking advantage of it I love to show off a hidden kiss and a creative ring shot in the process.

18. Side by side

Classic and with so many more images that can come out of this one simple pose. Simply standing beside each other holding hands and looking at one another.

19. The lift

Not only is a kiss needed in this pose but a small lift to even a grand lift can be done here. Whatever your fiancé is comfortable with. Trust me. They usually turn out pretty epic. 🙂

20. Show the location

We get so caught up in pretty poses and up close images of the couple that sometimes stepping back and taking it all in is needed. Just like this location in Siena, Italy. Showing the full scale of just how magnificent the scenery around you is a bonus!

Engagement poses are endless and these tie into the wedding day seamlessly. You will be relaxed by the end of the session plus know exactly what you like on the wedding day. Which makes for an easier portrait time and meaningful expressions with one another. Taking the stress away with knowing exactly what to do and trusting your photographer makes a huge difference in your photos and memories on the wedding day.

I encourage you to experiment with a wide variety of poses because you never know what image will turn out to be your favorite. Maybe it is a classic pose or a sunset image. If you are still looking for engagement inspiration visit my super popular engagement session tips blog post.

If you are still in search of your engagement photographer reach out today!

20 perfect engagement session pose ideas from Krystle Akin. 

Fine art film engagement photography inspiration

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"She is such a calming presence
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I'm so happy I hired Krystle as our wedding photographer. We got to meet beforehand when she was in California and took our engagement photos and it was like having a friend take our photos. She was an absolute delight to work with and helped put my husband (who hates taking photos) at ease. Our photos were beautiful and were even featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Magnolia Rouge which was an lovely surprise. If in doubt, hire her! She is such a calming presence which helps on what can be a very stressful day. Wish we could do it all over again!



"Krystle was nothing short of a superhero. Hands down the absolute best decision we made for our wedding was hiring her as our photographer! From the very start she totally got what we were going for, probably more than most of our vendors. Then when the day came, she went so above and beyond and saved the day for us so many times, and the pictures turned out beautifully. She has such an eye for light and color on top of being just an amazing and super helpful person to have around. I would 100% recommend her, and my husband and entire family would agree!"



"Krystle was more than I could have ever wished for in a wedding photographer. She has a way of perfectly capturing the light and has a special talent to see beautiful images in the environment that you didn’t know could exist. She was wonderful to work with, easy to communicate with, and we had so much fun with both her and her husband during the wedding and for a day after session. She exceeded our expectations and helped make our wedding day perfect in Playa Del Carmen!"



"When I started planning our wedding, I knew photography was going to be extremely important to me- not only because the photographer would be capturing the most important day of our lives thus far, but because she would be involved in so much of the wedding! After a few weeks of searching, I finally found Krystle and connected with her right off the bat. The first time we talked, we chatted for over an hour (it was just like talking to an old friend) and quickly scheduled our engagement photos with her. I was a little worried how my now husband would do taking photos, but Krystle put him immediately at ease and the whole shoot was so much fun for both of us. Once the wedding day arrived, it felt like Krystle was a part of the family."