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What to wear for your engagement photos

Oh, how I adore engagement sessions! These sessions allow me to not only get to know my couples more but it’s also your way of getting to know me too.

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Over the years I have sent out a Pinterest board with great ideas and even places that I know most girls love to shop. I mean who doesn’t love the chance to go out and get a new outfit! But, more than likely you have pretty awesome clothes in that wardrobe of yours just waiting to come back out. I say to treat an engagement session like a date night. Of course for dates we tend to dress up a little more than the typical 9-5 clothing.

With that in mind here are 6 clothing tips that I have found beneficial over the past 10 years of sessions.



1. The two C’s – Confident and Comfortable

I know, I’ve done before. I go to the store and find an outfit that I think is cute and don’t try it on. Only to get home and it’s either too short or I just feel like I can’t move in it as well as I should. During your session, you want to feel confident in what you have on. If you feel like it’s not the right style or fit for you, try your closet. I bet you have a favorite in there!

You want to feel not only confident but comfortable too!


2. The number of outfits to bring

Bring at least two outfits: I always suggest the first outfit to be more casual and the second opting for a more refined look.

The refined outfit does not have to be a suit and tie but something you would typically wear to a nice dinner or to a friend’s wedding. The best casual outfits that I have found for brides is a midi dress like this dress from Reformation or if we are in the cooler months a sweater and nice jeans.

3. Coordinate – But, try not to match perfectly

We have all seen the matching photos of the jeans and white shirt on the beach. If you haven’t just look it up. It is quite the iconic “family” portrait from the 2000s. Coordination doesn’t mean you have to wear a matching outfit. But, your look should come together.

Complimenting one another in the same tones is beneficial.

Color Palettes:

Blues with cream

Blush with Navy

 Floral with blue



4. Think of the season

In the South, we have a pretty warm fall and spring season. But, even with the warm weather, it is nice to layer and use tones that match the season. During the fall months, I love earthy tones that blend well with the scenery around. Small blankets are always a great idea as they add not only character to the session but warmth on chilly days without the large jackets.

5. Best dog friend? Bring him along!

Having your pup around during the session for part of the time allows for a more laid back session. Not only do they enjoy the company of you out and about at a park. But they add so much energy and spur of the moment candid images. A lot of times if you do decide to bring your animals it’s often best to bring a friend along with you. That way they can be with the doggies while we continue the session.

6. When all the other ideas are out the door. Dress it up!

I am a firm believer that you can never go wrong with dressing up. There are so many options for rentals and great sites like ASOS and Nordstrom to find great dresses and classic men’s clothes. Rent the Runway is another great option as you don’t have to keep that dress you might never wear again. Just rent it for a couple of days and mail it back.

Other favorite clothing sites:


Dresses that flow and also full of color are PERFECT for sessions!

But, the most important tip is to just be yourself. Do not force yourself into clothes that are not ‘you’. Be sure to also check out my Pinterest board or featured engagements for great clothing ideas and tones that work great for my style of photography!

If you are interested in having YOUR engagement session photographed authentically reach out today!


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