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Tips for your engagement session

With many of my wedding clients we often meet for a engagement shoot before the big day. I always send out info about the shoot and what to expect but decided to share that info with all that might be thinking about documenting this time. The concept of a engagement shoot is still pretty new to a lot of couples and a lot honestly freak out when its not needed. After we finish the session, I’m always told how it was so not what they expected and gives them more to look forward to on the wedding day.

Here are 4 steps to take the shoot from anxious to great!



1. location

Choosing the right location for your photo shoot will vary depending on clients. Perhaps, you would prefer to visit the spot where you were engaged or even a special place that you might go on dates. A lot find that when they think about it they have a place in mind that would work great for portraits and not be located in a busy area around the hustle and bustle of the city. Typically those areas are local parks, secluded beaches and even private land that shares a lot of memories. But that is all up to you but I am here to help with suggestions on what fits your style the best.

2. set a date

There are many ways to show the photos not only at the wedding but many times as save the dates.

weather is a factor

We all love the look of spring but in all reality it rains quite a bit here in the South during those months. When we set a date please be sure to keep a back up date planned as you never know about last minute rain storms. No one wants dark cloudy photos with flat hair. 🙂 I always have room to reschedule for a sunshine date.

save the dates

If you are planning to send out save the dates please plan your engagement 6-9 months in advance so you have plenty of time to send those out. Lately though you can send them out 3 months in advance as everyone loves getting mail especially with a picture! Cards can be designed on several websites and Minted is always a favorite.


With documenting so many weddings I always see one thing in common. Portraits of the couple together. I love seeing the many memories along the way but it’s always great to display a few professional photos along beside them. Plus, they come in handy at holidays for gifts!

3. attire & makeup

This is one of my biggest tips! Your favorite outfits and a makeup trial run.


With hiring a makeup artist for the wedding day often you are offered a trial run or can add that on. I always say take it! Not only is it a way to meet your artist who is giving you a gorgeous look for the wedding day but a way to test how you like your makeup for portraits. You will not only feel flawless but you will see exactly how it will photograph before the big day. Plus anytime I have my hair professionally done it just seems to stay in place and do perfect. They are magicians! 


Simply treat your engagement session as a special occasion. I suggest two clothing changes as when you have more sometimes you can spend more time in the bathroom or car changing than actual camera time. Make sure you pick outfits that compliment each other well but also dress for comfort and most important confidence. Nothing is worse than a dress that you feel less than pretty in.

I suggest to wear tones that go great with your skin and stay away from busy patterns and logos. You don’t want polo to be the main attraction. With picking two outfits most clients opt for a casual outfit to start out in and then go to the more dressy option. Finding the perfect outfit might take a few tries at your local mall or pinterest. Then again, I love nothing more a car full of clothing choices that way I can help pick the day of for the location. I also have more info HERE on another blog post about clothing for your engagement session!


Oh yea! With that shiny new bling on your finger quite a few images will be taken of your hands. So make sure that you clean off the old nail polish or freshen up your nails with a new subtle color.

4. Relax

 That is really hard to do during your engagement period but trust me, really try to relax and cherish this moment. It is such a brief window into years of wedded life and can be some of the best months of your life when allowed to slow down and relax just a little. No matter the small things that will happen the most important is marriage and that will happen regardless if you get down the aisle 5 minutes late.

the way I see it

Treat your engagement like a great date but with a friend along the way to document that afternoon. Enjoy each others company, bring along your fur babies for added support, and after its all said and done go out for a nice dinner date just the two of you and know there are many more days just like this to come.. well minus the chick with the camera and the “lots of extra kisses” afternoon

For more info about booking your engagement or wedding collections with engagements included feel free to inquire above! – Krystle

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"She is such a calming presence
much like a friend"

I'm so happy I hired Krystle as our wedding photographer. We got to meet beforehand when she was in California and took our engagement photos and it was like having a friend take our photos. She was an absolute delight to work with and helped put my husband (who hates taking photos) at ease. Our photos were beautiful and were even featured in Martha Stewart Weddings and Magnolia Rouge which was an lovely surprise. If in doubt, hire her! She is such a calming presence which helps on what can be a very stressful day. Wish we could do it all over again!



"Krystle was nothing short of a superhero. Hands down the absolute best decision we made for our wedding was hiring her as our photographer! From the very start she totally got what we were going for, probably more than most of our vendors. Then when the day came, she went so above and beyond and saved the day for us so many times, and the pictures turned out beautifully. She has such an eye for light and color on top of being just an amazing and super helpful person to have around. I would 100% recommend her, and my husband and entire family would agree!"



"Krystle was more than I could have ever wished for in a wedding photographer. She has a way of perfectly capturing the light and has a special talent to see beautiful images in the environment that you didn’t know could exist. She was wonderful to work with, easy to communicate with, and we had so much fun with both her and her husband during the wedding and for a day after session. She exceeded our expectations and helped make our wedding day perfect in Playa Del Carmen!"



"When I started planning our wedding, I knew photography was going to be extremely important to me- not only because the photographer would be capturing the most important day of our lives thus far, but because she would be involved in so much of the wedding! After a few weeks of searching, I finally found Krystle and connected with her right off the bat. The first time we talked, we chatted for over an hour (it was just like talking to an old friend) and quickly scheduled our engagement photos with her. I was a little worried how my now husband would do taking photos, but Krystle put him immediately at ease and the whole shoot was so much fun for both of us. Once the wedding day arrived, it felt like Krystle was a part of the family."